Tour of the Flemmish Estaminets, or Taverns

In Flanders, the estaminets are more than a meeting place, they are an institution! In this flat region facing the North Sea and bordering with Belgium, these typical establishments embody the popular spirit of Flanders. Whether authentic or more modern, with their rustic decor recreating the atmosphere of bygone times, these small taverns immutably and warmly convey the values of simplicity and conviviality that characterize Flemish culture. The atmosphere is festive and boisterous, old games are played: toupie à quille, grenouille. Traditional music and songs are enjoyed around tables abounding with rich dishes from the Flemish culinary tradition: hochepots, fries, flamiches, fried bacon, cheese and charcuteries platters, poultry in a Maroilles sauce, tartes. Not to mention the local craft beer! This gallery includes many photos of travel and of food.