« Le voyage pour moi, ce n’est pas arriver, c’est partir. C’est la saveur de la journée qui s’ouvre, c’est l’imprévu de la prochaine escale, c’est le désir jamais comblé de connaître sans cesse autre chose, c’est demain, éternellement demain. Je pars… »

Roland Dorgelès, Partir, 1926

In love with photography since a young age, Jean-Daniel Sudres took Jean Dieuzaide’s photography classes in Toulouse. After working as an artistic director in publishing for several years, he now devotes himself totally to his three passions: photography, travel, and foods and wines of the world.

In collaboration with many lifestyle, travel and food magazines, such as Le Point, Cuisine and Wines of France, Detours in France, Régal he travels the world to discover products and culinary traditions. He defines himself as an ethno-culinary photographer.

“A feast for the eyes”

Culinary photography conveys a gustatory emotion, an encounter with the cultures of the world. I will take you to discover countries and regions, markets, products and recipes, but also those who are the soul, producers, breeders, cooks… of these places. My subjects are captured on the spot, in the fields, in the streets, in the markets, in the homes, in the restaurants or in the chefs’ kitchens.