Mont Saint-Michel Bay

Between Normandy and Brittany lies the Mont Saint Michel, “The Wonder of the West”, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. From afar, it is unmistakable on the horizon. As we approach, we pause in wonder at the imposing fortifications of this sanctuary built into the rock, before continuing beyond its walls to discover a great wealth of Gothic art and a glimpse of monastic life. Seen from above, the Mont Saint Michel projects a vast silhouette changing with the lights of the day, stretching over expanses of wet sand and inlets at low tide.A bird’s eye view overlooks many wonders of medieval architecture: the abbey, the bell tower and spire, the cloisters, the roofs and ramparts. A little further, we fly over the island of Tombelaine, salt marshes, dunes, mussel posts, and geometric landscapes of polders. We happen upon circular patterns on the beach drawn out by tidal bores.