Flavors from the Arcachon Bay

Take a stroll through the Bay of Arcachon, along the Silver coast of the Atlantic.
From above, a picturesque landscape: the blue ocean as a backdrop to the Banc d’Arguin, ocean shallows, sand spits and oyster beds, the tip of Cap Ferret stretching out towards the channels, l’île aux Oiseaux, a natural island bird sanctuary, and its “cabane tchanquée”, elevated over the beach.
Bordering the woodlands, beaches of white sand and the dune of Pilat.
A wide palette of colors adorning oyster sheds, pinnasse boats and barges, the lighthouse of Cap Ferret.
A rich palette of flavors to be sampled at dinner tables across the Bay’s fishing ports: oysters, shrimp, bass, sole, mullets, fried wedged sole from the Bay, served with local caviar and Bordeaux wines from just nearby; and for the gourmand eater, the sweetness of a canelé.